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P99 Holster

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Greetings all. I am a longtime shooter (Federal LEO and Firearms Instructor), but new to the Walthers. I recently purchased a P99 in 9mm, and I must say, I have never held a handgun which fit my hand so perfectly. My next intended purchases are the same pistol in .40SW and the little 22. I think I might even spring for the Titanium .40SW, if I can find one.

Anyway, can anyone suggest a good strong side, concealable holster for the P99? I don't care for inside the pants, and I prefer no thumbreak. Galls considers holsters for the P99 series to be "Special Order", and I'm looking for something quick. On a side note, will the same holster fit the .40SW version or are the tolerances too different.

Thanks in advance,
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I love all of my Milt Sparks holsters. You might call them, when I was down at there shop (sometime before Christmas) they had some IWB holsters for the P99 on hand, so you wouldn't have to wait the normal 6 to 8 weeks for one of their fine products.
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