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What are your target groupings.
These are mine with the Meprolight sights for a 9mm.

At 7 yards I can shoot a ragged little hole out of a 3 inch Shoot and See circle. POA

At 15 yards I can keep them in a 3-4 inch group POA

At 25 yards......heheheheheh they all go 9 oclock left 6 inches POA in a 4-6inch group.

This has been my experience using Winchester Wally World Ammo 115gr. FMJs

What ammo do you use. I am curious about S&B and Geco.



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My P99 is a .40, and I only recently put my Meprolights on.  I've put about 100 rnds through it with the Meps.  I use the same POA with the Meps as I did with the plastic factory sights.

These are two hand hold, standing:
7 yds -- 1-1.5" ragged hole POA
15 yds -- ~3.5" POA
25 yds -- ~6" group @ 10:30 about 4" from POA

This is with Winchester White Box 165g FMJ.  I get pretty similar results though (25 yd. group is a little different) with my SD ammo, Federal 165g Hydra-Shok.

Side note: Whenever I hear people posting shooting stats, the term 'off-hand' is used. At first I thought this meant with your 'off' hand (i.e. I'm right handed, so my 'off' hand is my left). But I've recently begun to believe this just simply means not using a rest of any sort. Can someone clear this up for me?

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