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I’d been thinking about doing this for a long time. Finally took some time this weekend and it turned out very successful for what I want.

Due to the propriety rail and that the mounting height changes towards the trigger guard, there is really no weapon light available for it anymore (there are discontinued lights but they are really not obtainable).

P99 rail adapter manufactured for Airsoft (Maruzen) can be a solution but only if you can find one.

If you don’t mind some DIY, the following is what I did. Buy a S&W Sigma Rail Adapter. What I got is made by Promag but there are LaserLyte on Amazon and other choices as well. Pay attention to if they are aluminum or polymer but either kind is fine depends on your preference. I chose polymer because the pistol frame is also polymer so it wouldn’t stress the frame.

A mitre saw will make it easier and you’ll also need a file. First chop off the two ends as indicated as the Sigma adapter is longer.

Then use the file and file away. You need to file along the two areas as indicated. First make the base slope at a degree that matches with the P99 frame, then file off the top claws to make them thinner that can fit into the rail groove.

Because the Sigma frame is a bit wider than P99, you’d also need to shave off some material between the two parts of the adapter where they join together so it can be screwed tighter to P99.

That’s basically it.

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