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A few people have observed a notch in the rear portion of the locking block of the newer (AC datecode = 2002) P99s. I picked up my fourth P99 today, and it is all-black in .40 Auto with an AC datecode. It has "Smith & Wesson" as the importer marked on the slide.

I also noticed that the slide stop lever spring is different. My other three P99s have a spring that extends about halfway to the portion that wraps over the frame to expose the thumb lever, and has a curl at the end. This "AC" P99 has a much longer spring that extends nearly to the portion that wraps over the frame, and the end sticks out toward the inside of the gun. Has anyone else observed this?

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Yes, Ken, I have observed this longer spring leg.

So, if your new P99 has these features:

1. all black
2. AC date-code
3. .40 Auto
4. traditional DA/SA trigger
5. Smith & Wesson markings on slide's right front
6. locking block notch
7. slide stop lever spring w/ long leg,

it's just like mine.

The degree of changes on certain P99's is interesting.  Mine is an OD 9mm, AC code.  I had the notched locking block (replaced when it cracked) but my slide stop lever spring is like the older one you describe (shorter with a curl on the end).  I also have the "Smith & Wesson" importer marks on the slide (yuck!).

As far as the changes go, I wonder if they assembled guns with the new parts as they ran out of the old parts, instead of a "changes effective as of x date" kind of thing?  That might explain why mine came with only one new part but Catbird's and Lunde's had two.  ...or I suppose it could be a 9mm vs. .40 thing.  Oh will the questions ever cease?!!  
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