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RSR lists them on their Webpage too.. though somebody who deals with them said it doesn't look too promising as far as the quantity of the AS in stock as of yet
also there been some changes......
I saw one not too long ago .. the date stamp and other proofmarks that used to be on the bottom of the frame have been moved to the side of the slide, right underneith the ejector and it is lasered..... I think it looks cheap... and too many markings (slide and barrle right underneith each other)I will see if the guys @ Sportsman warehouse let me take a pic of it
also the mag relase has been redesigned,,, somewhere on this site is a pic of that new release... and I felt it on that one gun I saw and don't like it... and apparently the Kydex holster of the older models don't work anymore with that new release

but yea it is back
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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