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The best accuracy that I have reached is with AA-7 at 8.0-8.3 gr. Using either a Sierra 125 JHP or a Hornady 124 gr TMJ-FP or XTP I can routinely hit a 1 inch dot at 30+ feet. This round is extremely accurate and at 1100+ fps is not a real light load. I prefer to re-use my own brass or buy once fired nickel brass in large quanities to insure good case quality. All loading is done with Winchester primers and COL set at 0.020" less than engaging the rifling.

FYI - our 2 P-99's are not accurate if you use low quality once fired brass that passes SAAMI gages, but causes a coke bottle shape. Additionally many other 9 mm's where friends were questioning their own gun's accuracy also loved these rounds.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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