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P99 40 S&W replacement slides?

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Would anyone know were I could get a replacement slide for my 40 S&W P99?

Reason being is that I am going into law enforcement and I want to use my P99.  I dont want to use my original slide because the duty holster will cause the finish to wear at certain points on the slide.  I purchased the gun back in the middle of 2002 and it is a P99AS version.  I dont think that mine is all german made because I dont have the eagle proof on any part of my gun.  In a previous forum that I read, someone mentioned something about if the gun has serial numbers (3 different place- barrel, frame and slide) on it, it is made entirely in germany.  I will try to take some pics and post to get some input/info.  I would appreciate any info.
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You will have to send your pistol back to S&W to have a slide fitted to the frame and barrel. They will not sell it any other way. For the cost of having this done, it would cost little more to buy another complete pistol. Or have it refinished at a later time.

What is wrong with surface wear? The frame is going to get chewed up by seatbelts, by being placed into gunlockers at jails, lowcrawling, jumping fences, hitting door frames, etc.
Yes, it will be so expensive.

Just get the slide hard chromed - I did this on my P99 compact because of holster wear it developed pretty fast. Now, no more holster wear. I've had it a year. Unless U scratch it with another piece of metal, or scrape it along the cement, it will not mark. I liked it so much, I did my fullsize P99 and SW99 too.

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The P99 slide is tenifer finished and it will not rust which is the practical concern. The new slide is going to get beaten up anyway and eventually you'll have two beaten up slides. I'd save the money.
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