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I understand that [maybe] bar-sto at one time made 9mm conversion barrels for .40sw profile and barrel size (since the slide and barrel are slightly different between 9mm and .40 versions).

Jarvis makes replacement barrels, but not conversion barrels.

I know that people suggest just buying two, but I would prefer being able to just switch barrels, of course if it is economically viable :)

I am wondering if there are any options available to get a 9mm barrel that will fit/work properly in a .40 p99 ? Maybe somebody knows something I don't ?

Idea 1: I was thinking maybe if I could get my hands on a .40sw barrel blank and have it cut for 9mm. I have no idea if this is possible or even just a bad idea...

Idea 2: The other thought would be to see if I could get my hands on a cheap SW99 9mm upper, but I have not been able to confirm whether a SW99 upper would fit/work properly on a Walther lower.

Any thoughts ?
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