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It likely depends on what you are looking for in a book, based on your own specific needs or wants. If you desire a basic manual, for example, try "The 9mm Walther P38 Pistol" handbook, available at Midway at this link:


I've got a copy of this one; it's both inexpensive and quite handy.

If you are looking for an owner's manual, D.R. Morse's "Walther P-38 9mm Auto Pistol Owners Manual" is offered here:


An assembly/disassembly manual for the P38 by Skennerton & Riling can be found here:


Maj. George Nonte's "Walther P38 Pistol," which provides history, development, and technical data, as well as material on assembly/disassembly, can be found here:

http://www.booktrail.com/Guns_Handguns/Walther P-38 Pistol.asp

If you want to sort through a number of other selections, try this link to a variety of books devoted to the P38 and select the one or two that seem best for your needs:


By the way, a sticky notice on the P38 Forum advises gun enthusiasts to buy books before they buy guns. It's generally good advice. The data contained on P38s on this particular forum is a treasure trove for collectors, owners, and enthusiasts alike. You can find it at:


Good luck. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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