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P38 help

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I’m new to the forum. I need help with a serial code on my P38. It’s a Byf44 with Waa135 acceptance stamp. It seems to be a two tone or phosphate and blue gun. The issue I’m having is the serial number all numbers match ending in e code except the slide it does have the same numbers as the rest of the gun but ends with an f instead of an e. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The cottage industry's Rematching Number Division has been working overtime...

You’re a real clown aren’t you. Obviously you have no clue dweeb
to a request for help . . .

predictable response to a predictable response
many ways to deliver ... not what one expects when new to the forum
I'll leave the gate-keeping and tone policing to the mods and admins.

Pics would help though, OP.
"l'll leave the gate-keeping to ...."

Sage advice ... Thanks
Okay, so let's now embark on an extended thread of 30-40 posts speculating whether this "might be" a factory mixup. Sure, but that gets tiresome.

When a child is asked to count the number of legs of people in a crowded room, and comes back with an odd number, there will always be somebody who wants to insist there's an amputee present. But the more realistic answer is that the child can't count.

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