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Handled the new Sig today, and got to shoot one a couple weeks ago. Local shop has them for $569.
My interest is as a shooter, and to complete the 1911/M9/M17 set.
I'll see what kind of deal they'll make on a Glock 17.
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That's a great price, our store sells them for 649. I love mine, and all my 320s.
Moon I have an M17 on order. I was more interested in the X-Five, but you know me and thumb safeties..lol

I liked the fact I can add an optic if I chose to, and they are very good shooters.
It appears the plate in front of the rear sight can be pulled for an optic. I hate the words 'glass' or 'battery' in the same sentence with 'gun', but there is an advantage to such things.
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