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Last night I went to sleep and for some reason the P22 came into my mind.

I would like to know, based on some of your experiences, where I can get a brand new P22 in black dirt cheap

I want to get one but I don't want to cough up the money I had to cough up for the P99. Anything in the 220-250 range for the P22 brand new anywhere?

Thank you
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check gunbroker.com

$260 for a short barrel P22..... check your local gun store... I can get a 2 barrel set NIB for $330 here.... so $260 should be ok from a dealer.....
You had better pray you don't start dreaming about a WA2000...
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (Jake Starr @ May 24 2006,7:10)]You had better pray you don't start dreaming about a WA2000...
I looked up that gun and I was like woah!

I am really set on the P22. Man I am starting to get that itch of buying one really soon.

Any of you own one and have something to say?

Should I get the standard one or opt for the target version one?
I have two of the standard ones in black...I really like them...put a fiber optic sight and a laser on one...the other is stock. They  are not true target pistols but they are a world of fun. Face it the P22's have done so well that's why Sig came out with their Mosquito.
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What was the point of the P22? What was Walthers intention in having it out?
For the most part I think Walther wanted a practice pistol for the P99. They've done this will all their models for years. Usually its been through a .22 LR kit that included a slide, barrel and spring chambered in .22 that took the place of the 9mm slide, barrel and spring on the P.38's, P5, P88's etc. Only with the PP series pistols did you see a seperate dedicated, "mass" produced .22. There were a few dedicated .22's from the other models.

With the P99, it was just as cheap to make a whole gun that basically functioned similar to the P99.

This is my theory. And it seems to have worked well for Walther!

Also, most European countries won't allow military calibers to be owned by citizens, so it only makes sense to build a .22 with multiple barrels. The multiple barreled guns are big in Europe, because it's so hard to get a gun. I've looked through many catalogs from European countries where most guns come with more than one barrel.
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you are right P88
Europen gun laws are crazy..... and in some places you can only own one gun... but it doesn't matter how many barrels you have for that gun
HK4..... 4 barrels
HK P7K3 ..... 4 barrels (might be only 3)
the P5 came with 3 barrels
like you said the P38 came with a .22lr conversion
loke at the P99 now.... 9mm luger and 9x21
and so forth.......
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