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P22: Yea or Nea??

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I'm in the market for a .22 pistol and I've narrowed it down to either a S&W Victory; Ruger Mark IV....and I love my Qs (and my P1s, P4, & P5) so I don't want to discount the P22.

How does it stack up against the other 2? I think I've heard a bunch of stuff about the gun not being good (Umarex??) but I trust the folks here so I figured I'd ask.

Read somewhere to look for guns with "L" or later in serial number ("newer" guns with bugs worked out) and mags with "A" in part number.

I know all .22s are ammo sensitive but I almost always shoot CCI mini mags in my Sig .22 conversions.

I guess I'm wondering if the P22 is a viable alternative, as they say, or is there something else I should be considering?
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One more thing: I want the 5" barrel...or target version. Fella locally seems to have one with both barrels, one backstrap, box, papers, etc. (don't know about the sights) for $325. How is that pricewise?
Can’t speak for the 5” but my P22 Q has been very dependable, especially shooting mini mags or Remington GB’s. My only issue with the Q version was the rod/spring hat came with it, so I swapped it out for an encapsulated one and now reassembly is much easier. If you have larger hands you might find the grip to be a bit small. Personally I like they way my PPK/S in 22 feels and shoots better.
Red- I just bought a new P22 about a month ago. Have taken it to the range weekly, so I have about 500 rounds thru it at this point. To date, no fails at all, everything has gone in and come out fine. I shoot Mini-mags, Rem golds and this week I shot a few CCI std velocity's and they were fine also. Think I'll stay away from Feds and Amer Eagles and any other bulk ammo. My only complaint would be sharp edges on the mags, especially along the slide opening. I'll be rounding them off soon.
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