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I have heard some real horror stories about being picky about the ammo these little pistols will shoot, but I've been through more than 200 rounds (100 CCI minimags and 100 Remington 22 LR) with no issues.

No FTF, or FTE's.

I haven't even cleaned it yet. All I did was wipe off the excess oil that was on it when Fedex dropped it off and that is the extent of the cleaning that it has had so far.

The pistol has surprised me with the accuracy of it. At 20 yards will send pop cans flying with nearly every shot (and I admit that I'm not much of a shot with a pistol).

Here's a few pics if anyone would like to see. If you are holding off on buying one because of the horror stories about them not functioning, forget what you have read on the internet because these little "fun guns" have impressed me.


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Jakes Sarr.... you do need a G22 to go with your P22.... just as I need a P22 to go along with the G22:D

John A.... welcome to the boards and congrats on your P22..........
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