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Morning Everyone!

I recently bought a Walther P22CA (12/31/18). So I'm new to not only this forum, but to this platform of handgun. (I own a RIA M1911 FS and an AR). I did my research on the gun, stalked this forum for a bit hoping for more information on pros/cons/goods/bads of the gun. So going into this gun, I knew it FTEs/FTFs.
I went to shoot it yesterday, and out of 325 rounds of Federal .22LR Champion (44grain 1200 fps) I had 5 FTE and 6 FTF. Once again, I knew that it'll do that when I purchased the gun.

My First Question is, Is there anyway to prevent/help with FTE/FTFs with minimum modification to my Handgun? (I know ammo is a big factor too, but the range wouldn't let me use my own CCI)

Second Question being, Is there an Easier way to get that guiderod & spring to compress when reassembling? It took me 30+ minutes to reassemble after cleaning and lubing.

Final Question; Walther doesn't specify what cleaner/lube to use (I used my Wilson Combat Cleaner and Gun Oil) is there a preferred brand that makes Walthers run smoothly?

Anyways, I look forward to a long and prosperous Forum life, and hope to hear from someone soon.

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