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P22 Light Strikes

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I would like to hear about other experiences with light strikes. I had my set, P99 & P22, out yesterday in the snow (well, I was in the snow), and I had P22 light strikes with Thunderbolts, Stingers, CCI stds. I have >800 rnds through the P22, and the light strikes have increased since Nov.
I keep the pistol clean & lubed, and the pin moves freely.
My procedure, after waiting a couple of minutes, is to drop the mag, replace it with an empty mag, then I aim & fire off the offending round. It goes off every time, the second time.
Note: When I get a light strike, there is a small shallow indentation on the rim. Bad/weak spring?
When it does go bang, the indent is normal, not shallow.
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OK, I examined my P22 last night.
There appears to be enough firing pin tension, and it protrudes enough from the rear of the slide to make solid contact with the hammer. It looks like the firing pin at the chamber end may not protrude enough, when simulating a hammer fall. In fact, when I look at it, I'm wondering how it hits the rim of a cartridge at all (but it does, most of the time)?
The tip of the pin also appears to be worn, normal or not, I do not know (wonder what the pin material is?).
I am no gunsmith. I have done plenty of mods to my Ruger 10/22, but have not really tinkered much with my handguns (it just hasn't been necessary). It seems, I may have to resort to a Warranty call to Smith & Wesson.

Regarding the mainspring, it has always struck me as being a bit light. It just doesn't make the slide cycle crisply, like the P99 (I know, totally different mechanical design).
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hammer fall---

Well, I didn't actually do this in any scientific method.
I had the slide secured & used a small narrow steel block, tapping sharply with a small hammer, such that the steel block came in contact with the face on the slide that the hammer would normally hit.
Observed the pin protrusion by eye, so a crude observation.
Yes, it does protrude out a little more under a tapping shock; how much depends on the spring.
New Range Report (Range trip 12/23)
Random Light Strikes with Thunderbolts & Stingers.
None with Mini-Mags.

I found that on one light strike, the safety had kicked on, but for several others it had not.
With a few ThunderBolts, I needed to rotate the cartridge in the chamber so that the pin hit a different rim spot. Looks like I have a combination of issues, bad ammo plus the safety. Maybe the slide is catching the safety as the slide comes back.
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