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P22 Light Strikes

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I would like to hear about other experiences with light strikes. I had my set, P99 & P22, out yesterday in the snow (well, I was in the snow), and I had P22 light strikes with Thunderbolts, Stingers, CCI stds. I have >800 rnds through the P22, and the light strikes have increased since Nov.
I keep the pistol clean & lubed, and the pin moves freely.
My procedure, after waiting a couple of minutes, is to drop the mag, replace it with an empty mag, then I aim & fire off the offending round. It goes off every time, the second time.
Note: When I get a light strike, there is a small shallow indentation on the rim. Bad/weak spring?
When it does go bang, the indent is normal, not shallow.
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I pumped a little over 600 rounds through my new P22 just this past Saturday (about 400 of which were Remingtons) and only experienced one light strike. When I ejected the round the rim looked like any other round, so maybe it was a dud and not a light strike after all.

When you say you simulated a hammer fall, how did you do this? I'm picturing the slide locked back and pushing the firing pin forward from the rear of the slide. I would imagine that a real hammer fall should force the pin to protrude out even farther, it is a very violent action after all.
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