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P22 grooved trigger fill?

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Has anyone filled in or filed down the trigger face on the P22? I prefer a smooth trigger face.
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Thanks. I was thinking about using heat shrink tubing on the trigger. That way, I can remove it if I have a warranty issue.
JB Weld as OLDFart suggested. I can't imagine any issue to the warranty filling the face of the trigger would cause. The Weld is very similar in color to the trigger. If you use it, make sure you degrease the trigger with carb cleaner or gun scrubber before filling the grooves. 1917

I use it for pre and post travel stops. If the hammer strut is removed the trigger will reset in a very short distance. 3/16" total travel. Of course you lose DA function. Crete uses several O rings around his trigger.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try. By the way, I used some dry moly on the slide and rails using your info from the other post. Easy, but I realized that you have to be very careful with the moly. It has the potential ability to go EVERYWHERE! Thanks for the procedure.
Soap and water easily removes it from your fingers but you only need a tiny amt that should be rubbed onto wear areas. You can spray some Remington Remoil on a rag and wipe the exterior of the pistol down to give it a clean new look. I don't find the pistol to be slippery after that. As I previously said, I think, I began using it to eliminate wear to the relatively soft zinc slide and frame halves. And it worked. All you need is a thin, silvery coat on wear surfaces. Lightly applying with a clean Q Tip should not cause a mess. I don't even touch it as I apply it. Let us know how you like it. 1917
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