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OK, guys. I've finally decided that my next DA 9mm is going to be the Walther P-99. However, I'd also like the option of having it in different calibers.

Is it possible to convert a .40 P-99 to shoot 9mm with a simple barrel change, and if it is, does the converse hold true?

I know I can convert from .40 to .357 Sig with a drop-in Bar-Sto barrel, but would also like to shoot 9mm since it's so cheap. If a .40 P-99 will take both barrels, then that's the P-99 I would purchase since I would have a great base for shooting different calibers. Otherwise, I'd just have to content myself with the 9mm version.

Please help, guys. Christmas is coming up and I'd like to reward myself with a new toy for being such a good boy this year.

P.S. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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