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I am posting this due to numerous PM's I have received over the years regarding this subject
In 2010, I posted to a thread regarding the conversion of cheap 92F beretta 9mm Magazines

I will answer a few basic questions
1) yes I have not been on this site for sometime , there are several reason's for this.
first is I found at that time that the head moderator or owner to be a **** that is my opinion, which may not be shared by all gee maybe I will get banned?
second too many know it all's, who know nothing. I find this on the two sig pistol forums also

2) this procedure is so simple, plus the mags to be adapted are not expensive and are plentiful, so what if you ruin one mag to get it right. I recommend Checkmate 92F ,not pro-mag

To start
you need one good factory mag, forget aftermarket junk, if you can't afford one original factory mag, you are in the wrong hobby.
remove the spring, follower and base plate of the 92f ( donor mag)

On the original factory mag, use a micrometer to measure from the feeding lips down to the bottom of the slot for the mag catch ( top down). Next take your 92f mag and mark it, cut low not high with a dremel cut off wheel, creating a small slot. Open up the slot slowly going up towards the feeding lips, then test out to see if the mag locks up, then take a fine file and touch the top of the new slot a little at a time. dress up the cut area with a fine file or wife's finger nail board to remove burrs. If you cut high the mag will sit to low to feed, then is only good for the 92F. This is extremely easy conversion, add a wee bit on cold blue to the cut area

these are range mags, not for self defense

these are box mags used in numerous firearms designs, the difference is where the mag catch slot is

the 92F mags can be made to work in Walther P-88 and P-99AS, taurus, and most sig P-228/229 series pistols. there are two other pistols this box mag fits but I have forgotten which

P-88 M-9 magazine comparison.jpg
Walther P- 1 mags when plentiful and cheap could be converted for the P-5 and sig 225 9mm pistols
its all about the slot location or lack of. I do not know if this conversion works on the newer models

The attachment was made by someone else, I am passing it on for you to review

I am not really taking questions on this

mag conversions are quite common in firearms building community

good luck and take care

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Understand your reservations, glad you are back and share your knowledge....please take the good with the bad. For the record...I am nobody! ;)

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If anyone needs a 15 round magazine for a P88, I have one. Barely used.
I sold the pistol on this forum and now have the extra mag.
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