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Seeking information on possible lineage of a Walther P-38.

Now this is from memory so I may make a mistake.

Slide is marked Walther HP Cal. 9mm Zellar/Mehlis(Thur). Slide/Frame/Barrel/Magazine all have matching serial numbers. Engraving on slide (except for serial number) is extremely light. Serial number 46XX with no letter suffix.

There is marked on left side of barrel block "CYC"? The last "C" lokks like it may have been a "Q" at one time, leading me to believe that this pistol may have passed through Spreewerke Plant. German waffenampf (1) on right side of slide. I don't see any importer marks anywhere.

I should be able to get pics later (if necessary).

I'm baffled. Any info would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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