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OWB Holster for PPQ M1 Classic 9mm – that does not hurt the finish

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Hello to all forum members,
I am looking for a holster for my PPQ. I will use this only at the shooting range to practice the draw. I do not intend to carry the gun, so retention and concealment are not an issue.

My no. 1 concern is that I would like a holster that does not mar the finish of the pistol and that is at the lower end of the price spectrum.

I thought about the AZULA leather pancake holster. What do you think? Do you have better suggestions?

Thank you all in advance!
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Safariland 7378 7TS

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Garrett Industries makes kydex holsters that are lined with leather to protect the gun. i have one for my PPQ. it treats the gun nice...
Thanks. The Safariland looks nice, but isnt it an unlined Kydex Holster? And it seems to snap around the trigger guard. I am afraid that it will show wear there with time.

The Garrets look nice, but they are rather on the expensive side.

Anyone has experience with the all leather Azulas?
Tulster or JM Custom or Lenwood Wreith. Have all three on multiple pistols. Zero wear on mine with months to years of use
The Safariland has a felt liner if you get the 6378-84 the retention is on the ejection port and doesn't ruin the finish.

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I think you are on the right track with your attention on the Azula Pancake. You will get wear from any holster. That said, your best option is a leather holster that is fitted for your model gun. The more you draw and holster your pistol the sooner it will start to show wear.

A Gun News Daily article (Jan. 2019) rated the Azula Pancake Holster as number one for the Walther PPQ.

The pancake holster tucks the gun close to your body and is a great choice for OWB carry.
I have about 5 of those Azulas. You won’t find a better holster for the money...period.
I highly recommend Garrett Industries. Their holsters are going to be a little thinner than a full leather holster and the two clips on the fusion holster really make a difference in distributing the weight of a larger gun like a PPQ.
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