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Hey everybody,
  I just went to Comp-Tac's website and they have a new overstock center called Quonset Hut.  They are selling overstocked holsters for many makes and models of handguns, including the P99.  The link to the overstock center is on their homepage; Comp-Tac Holsters

  For the P99 they have very limited quantities of Gurkha IWB and Undercover IWB holsters for both left and right side.  They also have Shirt Tucker IWB hoslters but only for the left side.

  For all makes and models;
Undercovers; $32
Shirt Tuckers; $42
Gurkhas; $50

The prices they list include shipping and handling!

I have a Comp-Tac CTAC holster for the P99 and it is fantastic!  I would recommend Comp-Tac's products, especially at these prices.

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