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I've seen Ken Lunde post frequently at some of these sights.

   - not highly recommended, people are VERY rude and are "all glock all the time", however there are occasionally other good topics if you can tolerate it.  I got an excellent deal on a Steyr m9 on this forum.

   - A great variety of topics, with its own Walther forum.

   - A smaller forum with a focus on point shooting techniques, but only allows real names so people can't be anonymously rude.  The mod is very helpful and respectful.

   - An excellent site concentrating on the AR-15.  Lots of good tech info.

  - Obviously about all forms of Rugers with a forum on the excellent and under-estimated Ruger centerfire semi-autos, as well as some general interest topics.

There you go.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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