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Opinions on lighter trigger spring

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So, I'm at the Gunsmith the other day to drop off a PPKS (SW .32ACP) and he mentions about lightening up the trigger with another spring from Wolff. I passed on it since this particular PPKS in DA actually has a decent pull. Not hard or gritty, however I've been considering it for my .380 Interarms PPKS and thought I'd solicit opinions on this.

In DA, the trigger pull is pretty tough but I have a fairly strong grip and can work through it. My shot pulls up and right usually but the follow ups are dead-on, as you'd expect. If I could get the trigger in DA to be lightened up to maybe 8-10 lbs, that might not be a bad thing?

Any reason not to do this? Safety issues? I do carry them in a CrossBreed rig.
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The trigger spring (a complex one at that, which also activates the trigger bar) has never been offered by Wolff or anyone else besides OEM.
The only two that would lighten up the DA is the hammer spring and the block spring (you don't want to mess with this one).
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A lighter hammer spring (sometimes called the "mainspring", though it is not the largest one in the pistol; possibly a holdover from revolver nomenclature?) will reduce the weight-of-pull in DA. Unfortunately it also reduces the power of the hammer, and may introduce a problem you didn't have before: misfires. Marginal hammer power might not reveal itself until you change ammo or the weather gets cold.

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I probably misheard or misunderstood re the spring. Not the first time. Lol.. She fires every time and I don’t want to introduce more problems. Thanks for the advice. I will leave well enough alone.
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