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Well, got back from the range today - Took my new compact P99 A/S to the range for the first time.

I shot it a whole lot better than I ever did the Glock 26 I had. It is a very accurate gun. I find that I will have to order that extended base plate for the 2nd magazine, however. When using the short mag, I keep shooting low. WIth the Glock 26, I never could master the trigger even after several years. The Glock 34 (w/ lighter trigger) is the only Glock I shoot well).

But with the mag w/ pinky extension, it is a very accurate gun.

I will say that after 150 rounds (I shot about 175 thru it), my hand started to hurt. It's not really a long term range gun to shoot hundreds of rounds in. But, it will be my main CCW, and while I will keep in practice with it, I doubt I'll be shooting 150+ rounds in 1 setting again. I just wanteed to verify that the gun worked. Also shot about 20 hollow points thru it.

I had 1 target that I made a bullseye in two seperate circles, but I also used other ares of the target too, so I had rounds all over. Here is 1 target that I held on to after a few rounds, though.

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