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My father was a P-51 fighter pilot based in France and brought back a P.38 and Mauser Luger and .30 cal rifle. He never liked the Luger much but loved this P.38. He used it for self-defense around the house as long as I can remember(fortunately was never used for that) but we shot it from time to time.

I take it out occasionally. Really shoots nice and as far as I can tell is in excellent condition. The original Bakelite grips are in really good condition so I put on some aftermarket P Zeros for cheap. I actually like the look and feel of the Zeros a bit more than the Bakelites but I know they could be worth quite a bit by themselves.

It's the only WW2 era gun I have left but will probably never part with it. Recently sold a Sauer & Sohn 1938H and Beretta 1935 at auction. Didn't care for either of those much and they kept stove-piping. Replaced slide springs but same thing so I got rid of them. Never had any issues with the Walther.

Here's some pix:


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