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I watch the auction gun boards all the time. I have 3 1967 PPKs: a dural 22lr, a dural 7.65 and a steel 7.65 and I am looking for a decent pre 68 9mmK.

The ones uncut linked have been relisted for months at a time because the sellers want more than is reasonable. They may eventually sell at the asking prices but I think they are too high.

I may break down and buy an almost mint 1968 9mmK a gent has for sale with the original box, extra mag, test target, manual and take down tool. He wants about $1250 or so, for it. At least it is complete. Personally I don't give a fig for all the accessories. They are nice but boxes and targets, etc don't mean that much to me.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Good luck with your potential deal!

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