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Okay, now that I have my .40S&W shooter ...

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Okay! I picked up my first .40S&W shooter (I have a JBII .40S&W but I don't shoot that one). It came with 4 magazines, all with the orange followers. My JBII model came with blue followers.

Haven't shot it yet, but are the orange ones the ones that could be trouble? Should I try and get them replaced?

Let me know.

Ken, I'll send you the S/N of this one, so I can get my .357Sig barrel engraved.

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I don't think that the issue was with the followers, but rather with the magazine body. Where the slide stop lever engages the magazine follower on the left side of the magazine, for the original magazines there is nothing special there, only the cutout for engagement. For the newer magazines, there is a rectangular indentation in the magazine body itself, which I think serves to keep the rounds still in the magazine away from that area, so they do not inadvertently engage the slide top lever, or prevent it from engaging.

All of my P99 .40 Auto magazines have this rectangular indentation. I have twelve magazines in all. All twelve have the blue follower as well. My father's P99, which I bought for him in March or April, had the original magazines with orange followers. I sent them back to Walther America for replacement. He now has the newer magazine. I did fire a couple hundred rounds through his P99 with original magazines, and there were no problems.

Walther America exchanged the magazines at no charge, so if you're worried, exchange them.
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