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Picked up my new 9mm AS today... along with the purchase, the store gave my a free hour of range time. I put 50 rnds of Blazer through it, and another 30-40 rounds of WWB... complete reliability. I'd test fired a P99 a couple weeks ago, and today I was once again thrilled with the gun.

The ergonomics are simply wonderful, and it's the most accurate handgun I've ever fired. I'm forcing myself to learn to get a good shot off a DA pull, and not just rely on the SA trigger. Even so, my groups are approximately 1/2 the size of what i've been getting from my Glock 19... especially at longer distances.

I noticed the gun jumps in my hand a bit more than the Glock, but I suspect it's because the grip's shape is so different. More sculptured and less blocky, so i'm not holding it as tightly as before. It feels better, but I need to get familiar with the feel.

I also love the double-strike of the DA trigger... it's going to make dry-fire practice so much easier, when one doesn't have to rack the slide after every trigger pull.

I miss having tritium night sights, as the P99 came with the adjustable target sights. But, on the lighted range the target sights were actually easier for me to use. Weird. Perhaps I'll hold off on getting different sights for a bit.

Took me all of 5 mins to get used to the idea of the trigger-based mag release. It's easy to use, i just have to develop the muscle memory to activate it without thinking.

Cleaning was nearly identical to the Glock... same breakdown, same parts to clean. Takes a bit longer, as the P99 has more nooks and crannies than the Glock (understandable, as the P99 isn't shaped like a block.)

Very happy with this gun... cant want to shoot it again. While I'm not criticizing the Glock - it's a fine pistol - the P99 really does feel like a step up in refinement and performance.

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