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Oh you guys................

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I did it, been watching a decently-priced, boxed 3rd variation P99 AS for two months on a website. The seller doesn't ship, so I guess it didn't move fast.
So today my wife and I decided to run down to the other side of town where our son started a new job a couple months ago, just to check it out. The seller's pawn shop was just 10 minutes away, so why not drop over to check it out, right? At least that's what I told my wife. 🙄 Once there, the 99 was still there, looks in excellent condition with all the box materials and paperwork. It's an all-black one and looks great. Got it for $595 OTD with a used Fobus holster. Not too bad! Pics later. You guys and your 99's!!!! Oh boy. :unsure:
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