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PICS: https://ibb.co/album/mQxcwF

Minty InterArms Stainless PPK/s (Not SW) and LNIB PPK/s .22 LR for local sale McCall, Idaho, or valley county, ID.

The unfired .22 PKK/s is black with a 01/2019 date.

Walther case, papers..and 500 rounds of .22 LR as shown in the wooden box, or
mix.match with the .22 Magnum ammo, as I don't have 500 of the Magnum, but do have other
ammo for sale ( .44 special, 38/357/ .327 Magnum, ect) here at the house.

-------------------Minty Walther PPk/s
Stainless .380. The seller said that it was made in 1985. I've shot a mag of FMJ through it.

Wonderful little .380, but like with the
new .22, my upcoming dental work forces me sell to the remaining handguns that I have as my insurance will only pay a fraction.

You get 2 Walther marked mags with the .380 and a nice Paddle holster.

Along with the brown gun rug.
------------------------------------$999.00 for both and I need to sell them both together if possible.---
No trades, sorry.---


Vintage Leatherman
Multi-tool with Uncle Mike's nylon sheath,
I was gifted this one about 25 years ago by my ex.

Have another one that was my Dad's, this one is the best of the two,
and as you can see needs, some TLC but isn't the cheap junk made these days.


pant pending LEATHERMAN SUPERTOOL Portland, OR.

$100 firm.

Unfired Springfield XD-S MOD 2 9mm with Tritium front sight.

Hard case, papers, kydex IWB holster, and 2 extra 9mm mags.

100 rounds of new factory 9mm FMJ.



-No paperwork-------Private sale to over 21 , non-felon, bring your Idaho identification.---You will get a bill of sale.-------Payment in cash only.---------------------------Not interested in shipping at this time--------\\I'll be listing some other stuff such as my ex-wifes unfired 'Taser pulse pistol and some CZ caps, ect in non Walther classifieds.--------------------------------

[email protected] or [email protected]
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