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Note to those looking for factory Walther barrels. I just got a new AD Date Coded SD barrel from someone and it is M13.5x1 RIGHT HAND threaded, as opposed to the previously LEFT HAND threaded barrels.

Thus, I can't use it with my AWC Abraxas Titanium. For reference, the AA Date Coded barrels were M13.5x1 LEFT HAND threaded, as is the HK USP 9SD (Special Duty). My supressor fits both of them perfectly.

If anyone is interested in a threaded barrel, and they don't already have a suppressor, or don't plan on getting a suppressor, I will sell it for $175 plus USPS shipping (about $5). Otherwise, I'm going to return it to the seller.

Let me know ASAP, preferably by Monday 12/15.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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