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I have started sharing some pics and history on our Blog and thought the readers here would find interest as well, below are a few pics and a short overview.

Collectors of WWI / WWII era 7.65 mm pistols occasionally come across these oddly marked guns, many with German WWII acceptance proofs. The pistols have a cleanly milled-out area on the left side of the slide. It’s stamped POLITI, which is Norwegian for police, the Norwegian Coat of Arms, and a unique 4-digit number. The pistols have a second matching four-digit number on the frame. These Norwegian POLITI pistols are of almost every make and model of 7.65 mm sidearms used by the Wehrmacht.

More info here: https://www.rjkventures.com/blogs/guns/norwegian-politi-pistols-collectible-or-defaced

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