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non 100% German P99?

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Ok, I'm new to the handgun scene as a whole and just this past weekend purchased a LNIB P99 in 40 S&W(Less then 50 rounds fired) at a gun show. Now I had gone there intending to purchase an XD 40, however there was only one XD in the building and it was a 357 sig. Anyway, I fell in love with the P99 which I had previously read great reviews about, fit my hand perfectly and it's the military OD frame so it just looks great too. Now that I'm reading up more on the P99's I realized that my P99 does not have the german markings on the slide and barrel, so I'm taking this as a non 100% German P99, is this correct? And if so, should I be worried? I feel like I got a pretty good deal ($513 out the door with all accessories plus a Fobus holster) and it seems to be a great gun, though I have not had the chance to fire it yet.

Any input would be great, I really appreciate it and am looking forward to some more great help from you guys that I'm sure I'll need as I get accustomed to my new toy.


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Should be no problem. I would suggest you run 500 rounds to break the gun in. If you experience any problems then bring it back to dealer. I shot 500 rounds in one session and no malfuctions in my P99.
Is yours 100% German? Just curious, it's probably not as big a deal as I'm thinking it is, but there are some posts out there that say stay away form the 40 S&W unless it's a 100% German P99. Just want to make sure I didn't get a POS due to my lack of knowledge.

The early P99 in 40SW had a problem. It was to do with the slide catch spring. The newer ones and the 9mm are fixed. In Canada, all the P99 are directly imported from Germany. There are no marks or importation marks on the slide.
I got one of the SWalther .40's . Not a single problem .
I have a Swalther .40 also. I've put about 4000 rounds through with no problems. I really love it.
Well, it sounds like this is more of a personal opinion matter then a matter of fact.  It appears that there's no documented cases of the SWalthers being any more faulty then a German Walther.  Anyway, I'm really happy with the fit and finish of the pistol, so as long as it performs what can I complain about right?

Thanks for all the replies everyone.

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No, there has not been any reported problems that I have read on the functioning or reliability of non-proofed Walther marked P99's in .40S&W built by S&W.

My biggest beef with this is that they are marked Walther and have no proof marks. Big SNAFU about this on a couple of other boards and Walther and S&W was trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes. I can't tell you how PO'ed I was when I heard about this a couple of years ago.

Walther and S&W both must think the buying public are a bunch of idiots. Granted, some are, but for those of us on this forum, we can identify a German made, any German made handgun in about five seconds.

I had a guy in the store today trying to tell me that S&W was making the Walther P99. " Mine's got Smith and Wesson right ther' on th' slide." Well he was ignorant of the fact that importers marks are by law to be applied to the firearm upon importation...regardless of the manufacturer.

I told him about about the .40S&W P99 story that happened several years ago, he never heard it and owns a Walther produced P99 in .40 S&W. Doesn't know what a proof mark is, don't know what a proof is, and probably doesn't care.

OK, been a long week at the gun store, rant mode off 'till Monday. Sorry.
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