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No regrets - My upgraded P88 compact

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Upon adding an optic to my compact and the successful range visit I had also cut the umbilical cord financially to upgrade my Nill grips………I am satisfied now, my “itch” is gone for the moment…..before and after pictures…let me know what you think? My Kramer holster is being manufactured to accommodate the optic….6 months waiting…I would love an extra barrel a little longer and threaded…..anybody wants to get rid of one? Else I will approach Earl and see if he has an champion barrel…….let me know.

Final result
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

Optics added
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

Air gun Trigger Line Gun barrel Gun accessory
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that’s a sweet setup you got right there buddy!

and Earl does not have a spare barrel anymore, because I bought the last champion barrel from him LOL
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