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Night Sights PPQ M2

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What night sights are people using? Meprolights? Trijicon? Dawson? Thoughts? Recommendations?
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Tru Glo TFX Pros

TRUGLO® | TFX™ Pro Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sights

They combine tritium vials with fiber optics giving you the best of both worlds plus an aggressive slope on the front of the rear sight make belt racking a breeze.

They work really well at dawn and dusk when ambient light most closely match the output of the output of tritium vials. Here the fiberoptics gather and magnify the light and make target acquisition much easier.

During the day they are very easy to use as well and they retain the Walther POA/POI

I have them mounted on all my EDC weapons...Don't leave home without them.
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Welcome to the Forums BTW.
TFX Pro, best ones out there IMO and I've tried several.

I went with trijicon hd with yellow front .
I really should have qualified my post this morning. I also have tried almost all the popular night sights being marketed and ones choice should be guided by how the weapon is used.

If the weapon is going to be an EDC than I'd highly suggest the TFX Pros because of their robust design and construction. Since I've mounted them none have shifted their sight zero even with the abuse of daily carry, frequent range proficiency training sessions and weekly (or more often) cleaning plus exposure to mud, dirt, sand, salt water and the vagaries of my daily routine.

No night sight will be entirely perfect and suit all your needs but these come close. They aren't easy to mount (you do need a sight pusher) but they are worth the effort.

Here is my Q45 sporting TFX Pros:

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Yeah I’m gonna get the TFX pros they look nice! Thanks for recommendation!
The heck with "looks"...they work! When push comes to shove you want sights that work.

If you haven't used a sight pusher before I'd suggest contacting a qualified gunsmith or looking over the factory night sight installation thread: https://www.waltherforums.com/forum/ppq/31759-factory-night-sight-installation.html

Post 21 talks specifically about the actual installation but there is good info throughout the thread even thought it talks about installing Walter tritium sights.
I’ve been reading that these sights don’t fit well both the front and rear having to remove material and the front screw is to long. Is this correct?
I've never filed any of my TFX or TFX Pro sights when installing on the PPQ, P99 or P99c weapon platforms.

I think my earliest sets came with both longer and shorter front sight mounting screws. The newer sets might only have the shorter screws. You could call TruGlo CS and ask.

However you shouldn't need to file the rear sight at all. Of course I use a very robust sight pusher...:) A P 500.

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Must be one of the few who bought a PPQ M2 with factory installed F8 sights. Might be better ones out there, but these sight work great for me!
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