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I know this is probably the most-addressed issue on the forum, but I haven't found what I need using searches.

I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that the height of the Meprolight PPQ/P99 rear sight is in fact 0.335". We've been messing with my wife's PPQ, since the Mep set number 18801 didn't work. Her PPQ shoots to the POI she wants with the Mep rear and a Dawson 0.180" front that I had available after changing my P99 sights. So, if 0.335" is in fact the measurement of the Mep rear, then I know that I need to buy Dawson's 0.330" rear to get the same POI but with a better sight picture (the Mep's dots are much bigger and bolder than Dawson's, which is a bad thing when they're on the rear sight).

It's just been enough hassle that I want to make sure I actually order the right thing from Dawson. Then we'll know what her guns need whenever we get more in the future, and won't have to do this again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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