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Looking for the perfect carry 9mm and came across the Walther P99. I'm looking for a 9mm that I can carry ccw and shoot IDPA. I like the mag release (like HKs as well). I also like the feel of the P99.
Is it worth the cost 600.00 locally? Can you carry it easily? Pics? Cost of magazines? Any and all you can tell me before I make the purchase. Thanks in advance.
I think so. Magazines run around $30. I have about 12 of them. Expensive yes. Reliable yes. Worth it, yes. I'm not one that is as concerned about the cost of a gun. If there is something I want I will usually buy it locally and not spend hours searching and dealing with others over $50. The guys around here all like the Walther P99c for CCW. Mine is full size and conceals well enough for me. Good holsters are worth it.
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