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For concealed carry I got an inexpensive Don Hume 36-4 that holds my .40S&W P99 just fine. From their website is seems to be called the NH715...

Putting it back into the holster after shooting is a PITA, but it works just fine for not a whole lot of money.

Q: Is the gun worth $600?

A: Not only yes, but H*ll Yes!

Worth every penny.

I'd recommend shooting the heck out of it, rather than having it "fixed" by a gunsmith.

Learn the gun, and how it works, rather than "fixing" a problem that may only exist in your mind.

Best place to buy is find a local gun shop that is willing to order it for you if they don't already have it.

If your local shop doesn't have one, ask them to order one. You may have to prepay, or put a down payment on it, but it may be cheaper in the long run than buying from an 'internet dealer' and not getting what you paid for (or etc.).

I recently bought a *censored* that was about $500 at a gun shop on the other side of town. I asked the shop down the street if they'd order one, and they did. For the same price as the shop across town.

Ask. The worst they could say is "no."
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