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New to forum. Just beginning to use handguns. Bought and practiced with a Beretta NEOS .22lr. After a fight and hassle to finally get 2 pistol permits in NJ, I am ready to purchase a new Walther PPQ .45 with 10 rd mags. I have till Nov 17th. I used my first permit to get a Beretta APX in 9 mm.
I been watching the prices for the PPQ and hopefully maybe a rebate or 3 mag deal might materialize before I ready to purchase. Still learning to shoot properly, apparently I never learned correctly and used the ole cup n saucer hold. I have not shot the APX yet as the day after I received it I had to leave NJ to go stay with my mother in Fl, she had a stroke and I am helping her get back on her feet. I am chomping at the bit to get home and shoot, and been studying Internet on how to shoot correctly. I'll be home end of October. Thanks for reading.
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Welcome from Deutschland.
Thank you all for warm introduction. ..
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