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just wanted to let you guys know i picked up a p22 today fro 250.00 out the door from a local dealer. i was a little nervous buying it because i have heard mostly bad things about them. but i will tell you i couldnt resist it today. anyways i took it to the local range right after i bought it and i put a whole 500 round pack of wally world .22s through it. i only had 3 malfunctions, it failed to feed the 2nd round 3 times. but i thought that wasnt bad for 500 rounds right out of the box with no cleaning and it was lead bullets. anyways i love it and man is it accurate. i wish i had bought one of these earlier. i need to buy me another one and get a p99 in 9mm. my girlfriend is goign to carry it as a ccw piece. thanks for listening

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Congrats on your new acquisition. Enjoy it.

I just reached 2000+ rounds through mine, which is German 5".

Since a week ago it (not me) begun to shoot better than ever.

I couldn't figure out why out of a sudden, using the #2 front sight, i.e. no scope, no red dot, no Beamshot laser (all of which help improve scores a lot), but just using the standard open sights the P22 started passed the 2000 rounds to shoot like a more expensive handgun.

Then, I looked at the breech. It looked dirty. So, I cleaned it, without dis-assemling it. Oops, it started spraying again.

Past a couple of 10-shot magazines, accuracy returned. Now several boxes later it shoots straight again. I mixed RWS Geco Rifle, Fiocchi MAXAC, Sellier & Belliot High Velocity and Lapua Pistol King. No change. The dirtier it got the better it shot, even with differently-lubed ammo!

Go figure.

Lesson: The P22 is full of pleasant surprises.


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Crete, last night when my girlfriend went home i showed her the gun and gave her a quick lesson how this particular gun works. then we went out back and shot about 100 more rounds through it and she loved it. the only thing was she now has it in her purse for ccw and man i am wishing i had it today to go put more rounds through it, lol. i love that thing, i might have to get another one for me. take it easy
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