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Greetings all, I鈥檓 new here so please be gentle with me.馃槵

As a raging socialist in my youth I used to think that all firearms should be gathered together and destroyed, until I learned how easy it is to make a shotgun.
Now I am a devout subscriber of the second amendment. Yay personal growth.

I have been considering my first gun purchase (I already had a mossberg 12g and KelTec 380 that were gifts) for the last few months and did my comparative shopping. I had already known of Walther among other big gun companies partly from Steven Crowder鈥檚 exemplary appraisal of the brand. The final aspect was that they (were) $300 on CDNNSPORTS.COM.

The first thing I did was replace the plastic guide rod with a stainless steel one from SSGuiderods.com and apply a Talon grip.

Idon鈥檛 have any questions today, I just have been learning from your posts and wanted to introduce myself to this community.

Hello all, nice to meet you.
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