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Well I finally found a TPH today.
Not as good a price as I wanted, but no taxes and no registration.

It ccame with 2 mags, the soft bag, manual, target, origional box.

It is SN# T0051XX
Does this make it an early one or later ?

It looks to be in very good condition.

I did notice that I had trouble chambering a round.
Not at first but later.
Upon closer inspection I discovered a key hole shape dent on the top of the chamber.
Apparently by dry firing I dented the chamber lip.
I used a small jewelers file and some 1000 grit sand paper to polish it up and now it is ok.

Is this a common problem or is it a problem??
Could the barrel be soft ??
I guess I wont dry fire it any more.

What is the triger pull ??
DA is farily stiff approx 10 lbs.
SA is VERY light. barely breath and it goes off.
Is this common ??
I thought SA was 2-3 lbs.

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I like it

It is actually a 6 round mag, 7 will fit but does not leave enough room for the mag to fit the gun.
I may play withit and see how it does with a little playing and 7 rounds

Next thing is to find more mags, they seem to be scarce as hens teeth.
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