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Discovered this forum recently and am pleased that there is a growing crowd of P99 fans. I'm glad to add my name. I am the proud owner of two P99s both German-vintage, black, 9mm's. I love them both. Accuracy is excellent and both are exceptionally reliable. In fact, I've been a SIG fan for so long that I'm feeling a little ashamed that I'm about to desert my SIG pistols for my P99. I am growing evermore convinced that the Walther P99 is THE superior combat pistol. Although, I'm a bit troubled that there are not more professionals out there who have not yet recognized the outstanding features of this pistol. Although there are many excellent pistols I think Walther has effectively incorporated the best features of all the best modern pistol designs into one exceedingly well-engineered pistol.

Well, I won't belabor speaking of which you all are well too familiar with.

greetings and salutations,
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