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Hello, I recently was at a gun show in San Antonio and bought a P99. After some research this was one of the handguns I was looking to buy. I found a used P99 in .40 that is marked KI (1998 I believe) and was imported by Interarms.
Well, the price was right and after field stripping it, the P99 looked to have about 1 trip to the range on it. I'm no expert but it looked to be very slightly used. The only problem was the mags had the orange followers. A call to SW and they exchanged them for the blue followers with no hassle. I now have about 500 rounds through it with absolutely no problems.
It is reliable, accurate and not to mention looks great.
Very satisfied with my purchase.
Looking forward to being on the forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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