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I'm excited about the m2 but have my concerns. I have original and had a few problems right from the get go nothing I could not fix myself but caused frustration. It was my first pistol. The Og ccp I cant put more then 100 rounds through before it starts guming up. The tool I put right on my keys so I always have it. I cant wait to check out new m2 hoping it makes be happier then its brother. I will be checking this many times before I make the purchase to see what ya'll think of it. If the m2 dont make the cut for me gonna go with the pps.
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Welcome Brian2e. Look around the Forum, there is a lot of discussion on a lot of different Walther firearms. 1917
Welcome Brian. A great bunch of knowledgeable folks here for sure. I’m always learning from everyone.
Welcome! Like you, I'm hoping the M2 version fixes the issues sometimes seen with the original.

Their are some good and experienced people on this board. If there are issues with the M2, you can be sure they will show up on this board!
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