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New Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim

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I ordered it on 8/31 and it arrived 9/17. I'll admit, I am impatient so this was a long wait for me. But the PPS M2 is not as popular and holsters for it are not in the quick ship menu. This is also the most I've spent on a holster since the Brommeland (I think I spelled that correctly) I purchased years ago for a G26. I am familiar with this style holster since I've been carrying my G19 in a T-rex Sidecar for a while now. I opened the box to find they included a black nylon drawstring backpack with the Tier 1 logo on it. The holster was packed inside the backpack along with a logo sticker.
I've only been wearing the Axis Slim for a few hours total so I can't give an in depth review but, so far, I like it. I have been sitting at my desk for the last hour and it feels pretty good while sitting. I was worried about the extended closed end at the muzzle but it actually seems to aid in concealment. I think if it were any shorter that would allow the weight at the grip to to possibly draw the pistol out away from the body. While standing/walking it feels great. Very comfortable to me. I like this design with the flex point a little better than the T-Rex Sidecar solid design. The Axis Slim conforms to your body whereas the T-Rex will press into the body. Honestly though, I don't feel much difference in overall comfort between the two. The holster is just about as big as the T-Rex Sidecar I have for my G19. That is not a bad thing necessarily. A wider holster (distance between clips) will distribute the weight better, in my experience. I would not want anything wider than the Axis Slim though as I am not a big guy at 5' 7" and 155lbs. That's all I have for now. Pics for your enjoyment. Pictures can be deceiving. In the pic of both holsters together the G19 actually looks smaller than the PPS.

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