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Got the call that my 5" PPQ arrived today. It was a used/mint example from a dealer in Texas. It was listed a having 3 mags, when I started looking at it I realized it had 2 15 round mags and 1 17 round mag with the +2 extension.

Checked the original test target and it shows 1 ragged hole for all shots, encouraging.

Had a hard time finding a 5" around here and most dealers I typically use wanted $665-$700 for one. Pretty happy with the condition of this one and the extra mag makes it an OK deal.

I also got a UM Tactical red dot mount and an inexpensive red dot to try out. Probably planning to add an Ultradot down the road. The sight I got has both Pictatinny rail mount and a footprint of a Vortex/Doctor/Burris is I decide to go with a slide mount. For now, I think I prefer to have the quick on-off of the UM.

Won't get to try everything out till next week, looking forward to it.
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