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I was quite astonished at the great deal I received! I purchased my PPQ 45 from Buds for only $451!! How do you walk away from that? They gave me a discount for being a veteran... I even got 3 magazines!
I had to opportunity to place 50 flawless rounds down range when I picked it up!
I will say this, that on this forum I have read many times that the 45’s trigger is even lighter and better than the 9mm... all I can say is wow! I don’t have a chronometer but it has to be under 4 lbs...
Life is Good! Feeling extra thankful this thanksgiving season!

It's a great pistol, especially with that trigger. It's the most accurate 45 ACP pistol I own. I am considering getting Trijicon "orange front" night sights for it not because I need night sights, but I love that big orange dot. I put those on my 9mm PPQ and they are an improvement over the stock sights.
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